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Android overtakes iOS topping the tablet sales chart in 2013

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With the growing interest in large display devices tablets have been gaining popularity among users and is for sure becoming the most used device of media activities as well as for accessing the net on the go. As far as the sales record of 2013 are considered, for the first time Android has overtaken iPad to become the becomes the most selling tablet.

As of the current standings Android acquires nearly 62% of the market share with Apple at 36% leaving literally nothing for Windows platform. As of 2012 Apple iPad had a 53% market share compared to 46% of Android, thus giving Android nearly 127 % rise in sales in one year.

Meanwhile Apple still manages to top the vendor charts with its recently launched variant of tablets which includes the thinnest tablet in the market the iPad Air. But the sales have been affected to the huge gap in price of both these types of tablets. Android comes in with lot of budget, mid range and premium options while seriously speaking there is not much to choose from when iPad is taken into the picture.

Source : Gartner

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