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WhatsApp Messenger could be better now

WhatsApp Messenger

Facebook buying WhatsApp has been the biggest business news over two days and Facebook is betting huge with an eye-popping cash and stock deal that is worth up to a whooping $19 billion for WhatsApp Messenger. The jobless to billionaires WhatsApp owners, Brain Acton and Jan Koum are truly brains that have changed the world of internet messaging via a simple application.

The world’s biggest and most popular social network having more than 1.2 billion members has got an addition of 450 million members from WhatsApp which will be independently operated with its own board.

It has been approximately five years since the inception of WhatsApp Messenger and the team had worked on various updates for the app on various platforms. Since Facebook has taken over the company, they will have to work quite hard to meet the expectations of the people. We have received hundreds of mails and requests from people regarding WhatsApp and their addition to certain features with inclusion to several bugs.


1. Integration to social networks :

WhatsApp Messenger has several sharing features integrated into the app such as image sharing, video sharing and even voice clips but there is no sign of sharing the conversation or and image to a friend who is not on WhatsApp but on any other social network like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook can now turn their keys and try out this feature for a prolonged use of WhatsApp Messenger for their users.

2. Categorize the emoticons in sections :

If you see, most of the emoticons are not well organised. You will find a “thumbs up” icon in the Smileys section which makes it very cumbersome to search and put into use. Taking example of Facebook’s sticker section, there is a lot of categorization.

3. Inclusion of drafting a message :

People would also like WhatsApp Messenger to have a feature to draft a message or save it to send later. Why not make WhatsApp Messenger the best and it could even replace the normal messaging app on your Android device for the better.

4. Integration of time of the person on both sides :

When it comes to messaging via WhatsApp, people live in different countries but can still keep in touch. How would it be that you say Good Evening to a person staying in Japan when it is actually morning there ? Time integration should be integrated so that there is no confusion.

5. New Message contact is selected and when you go Back, a user ends up at Recent Chats :

If you go to the New Message section you get a list of all your friends, but if you just click on one friend, it opens and when you go back you end up at the default Recent Chats. It should be like you can get back where you were just like a Music playlist. A person having numerous contacts makes it very cumbersome to go to the whole list again.

With all due regard, we hope to a better messaging experience on WhatsApp Messenger with the brains and work of the Facebook Team. Facebook being the world’s biggest and popular social network will be able to make a difference and give WhatsApp Messenger a magical feel.

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