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Android devices susceptible to hot water vapor

I was having a cool shower and my brother asked for the mobile when I just realized that I am having a hot bath. I said to myself that let’s try out whether a mobile can withstand hot water vapor. It is very intriguing !

Android Water Vapour

I kept my Android device on the stand in my bathroom and queued some tracks to play thinking that the device would withstand hot water vapor. After about 15 minutes, I checked the device again and saw that there is no vapor formed inside nor outside the screen. Very interesting !

In case you are having the same thought in your mind, I would like to let you know that smartphones these days are designed to withstand such kind of situations and are capable of functioning normally. There is no need to worry to take your Android device in dense areas and situations. Take into consideration this point and remember that you have a good Android device to play with in your bathroom and in dense areas.

We presume that all Android devices which cost Rs.15,000 and above can withstand such situations and are susceptible to vapor conditions. You are free to play movies, listen to music and even carry out various functions while having a hot shower. There are waterproof mobile devices such as the Sony Xperia ZR but even if you buy a water resistant Android smartphone, is your device susceptible to hot water vapor ?? Think about it !!

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