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The Woolies – Puzzle for Kids

The Woolies

The Woolies -Puzzle for Kids is published on the Google Play Store by Eery Lab for free. The Woolies is compatible on all Android devices which run Android 2.1 and above. The Woolies -Puzzle for Kids is am amazing app that welcome your adorable child to the world of adorable little creatures called Woolies. In technical terms, we would say that it is a classic jigsaw puzzle for kids of all ages with a wide variety of puzzle boards, characters and many levels of difficulty will create an inquisitive and learning atmosphere.

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Apart from The Woolies being a wonderful game to play, it stimulates imagination, sharpens of the senses and improves the skills of observation of even the youngest kids. The Woolies features 12 characters and with more than 70 puzzles to solve with extended play time. The level does not end after solving the puzzle as bubbles pop up and your child will love to burst the bubbles. There are many good apps on the Google Play Store but when it comes to animals and learning with fun, The Woolies would just be the right one for your child. Inculcate the importance of learning in your ward today.

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