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Beats Music officially launched their Android app on a trial basis

Beats Music

People love music whether it is fast or slow. Keeping track with the latest beats is just one side of the coin. Beats Music which is a well known company for designing the high-end music products by the name Beats Audio has launched a new music streaming service on the Google Play Store and has also been launched for Windows and iOS. Beats Music offers over 20 million songs and tries to differentiate itself with custom playlists made by real people instead of software deciding what music is next. There are numerous radio stations that add music to Beats Music depending on your interests which have never been perfect so this could be something different and would definitely sell well.

Beats Music which is available for all carriers will cost around $9.99 a month or there is a $15 per month plan that will allow up to 5 people and 10 devices to use the service which indirectly means significant savings. In case you install Beats Music you will be tracked up to 7 days as the trial period is valid for the same duration.

The trial period is awfully short so tell us about you experience with the app and seeing the response Beats Music may twist some things to make your music experience better. Beats Music is compatible on all Android devices which run Android 4.0 and above.

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Your first stop for music app which is right for you is right in front of you with a mix of albums and playlists that have been handpicked by Beats Music experts are always ready and waiting for you. With Beats Music for Android you can make your mix and change the sentence up to match how you are feeling or what you are doing and who you are with at that moment. At the same time, you can discover what is happening around and in the world of music.

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