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Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped to come with head tracking gesture controls

We are sure you have come across various controls like shaking the device, blowing air on the device to perform some function. Samsung is thinking and has been working a lot to integrate new gesture controls in all their upcoming line-up of devices which are said to track gesture movements like a nod of head and winking of eyes. How cool is that ? This news is not fake as a patent filing reveals the same.

Citing a Dutch publication, SamMobile has suggested that Samsung filed a new patent that tracks gestures via head tracking gesture controls. The filing describes things like a nod of head and a wink of eyes being used to carry out a specific functions. There are strong speculations that Samsung filed the patent in July 2013 and that the new feature will probably be featured in the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is yet to be revealed and released worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are speculations that the gesture function could be used for changing webpages in a browser just with head movement. The sad part is that the site does not reveal much about the details of the new alleged head tracking gesture controls. Nevertheless, the filing images which can be seen above and below indicate that the alleged gesture controls can be utilized to track every movement of the head. We presume that the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date will be pushed ahead because of the integration of the gesture control feature.

Samsung Galaxy S5

GFXBench listing that revealed a device code-named Samsung SM-G900S which sports a screen resolution of 1440×2560 pixels is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 and is supposed to have a 5.0- or 5.2-inch display screen.


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