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Air Call Answer

Air Call Answer

Today, we have taken a very unique app for review which is developed by AppBasic called “Air Call Answer” only for Android. We are sure that the name says it all. Having a current user rating of 4.0 on the Google Play Store is very useful day-to-day. The app uses your device’s in-built proximity sensor to detect whether you have waved your hand in front of the device to answer a call.

The recent update on 3rd January 2014 brought in a huge improvement such as detection if the device is in the pocket. Earlier, the call used to get answered if the device was in the pocket. It is more effective now.

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Speaking technically, Air Call Answer is a new technology app which helps to answer your phone calls without even touching it. Basically, it works by using the proximity sensor built into your Android device by detecting to answer a call when you wave your hand over the screen or when you place the phone to your ear.

It could fall in very handy for drivers with a Bluetooth headset, which means that you as a driver will not have to fiddle around to press the correct button leaving you to concentrate on the road. The app showcases just one screen with one ON and OFF button separately. Air Call Answer is compatible on all Android devices which run Android 2.2 and above and is totally free with no in-app purchases tagging along.

NOTE : In case your data connection is active while using the app, advertisements will show up at the bottom of the app screen.

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