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Balloon Bow and Arrow

Balloon Bow & Arrow

There are many arcade type of apps on the Google Play Store but not everyone can play them because not all are gamers. Temple Run is one game by Imangi Studios which has been truly designed for any age and there is so much excitement to complete the run even though it is a never ending game. Here, we have one famous Indian app developer who has more than 150+ apps on the Google Play Store. Manas Gajare has developed one famous app which has a 4.9 user rating on the Google Play Store called “Balloon Bow and Arrow”.

Balloon Bow and Arrow has been updated many times and the latest update carries an eighth power called Rain which gets activated as soon as you burst clouds with the arrow. The UI is very clean, neat and simple with a sooth user navigation. All you got to do is pull back the arrow from the bow and pierce the balloon with a pop. It might look like a game for a 10 year old but we can vouch for it as the team here is still addicted to it. Balloon Bow and Arrow works on all Android devices which run on Android 1.6 and above.

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Balloon Bow and Arrow is truly commended by the media and loved by players with a viral download of more than 1,000,000 on the Google Play Store. Another fact which has to be stated is that Balloon Bow and Arrow has officially overtaken Angry Birds in India in the Top Free Games section for almost 10 days. You can get a chance to test your archery skills and at the same time have a popping time. Balloon Bow and Arrow pays detailed attention to creating a realistic experience with the right sound effects.

Summing up the experience of popping balloons and beating high scores, Balloon Bow and Arrow is just addictive and fantastic. It is an Android game with cutting edge graphics, excellent animation and awesome arrow powers.

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