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What Android 4.5 might look like?

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There are many Android fans and enthusiasts out there who are looking out for the next Android iteration after Android 4.4.2 and today might just really be their lucky day. We spotted online a mock up of what Android 4.5 could look like in terms of the user interface.

According to PixelShift, the stock Android looks really good, even though there are still more than a few inconsistencies. In this mock up there are updates in the parts where work has not been done on for years. This could be called as Android 5.0 but since changes have to be made so that Android looks better, it is named Android 4.5.

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When it comes to Settings, universally it is accepted that the stock Android settings app is hideous especially with that blue-black gradient that has awful banding so there color themes has been changed to some extent. As can been seen now the Settings app is now bright and crisp. Android 4.5 should look at changes with the toggle switches and the blue coloring.

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Continuing with softening of Android, the volume adjustment should be rounded with a lighter gray color and transparency.  In the case of tablets, you can adjust all the volumes anywhere in the system so why can’t the same be done on phones? After all, they are called smartphones.The transparency is much more noticeable in the above image.

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With the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, the most disliked and criticized part is the camera app and we presume that the above shown camera user interface is anytime better. This is not the entire mock up and there is an addition to this part so stay tuned. We are open to feedback about the same.

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