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LG G Flex for AT&T and T-Mobile USA leaked

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex is a fantastic device which truly could be called the flagship of the company and recently we spotted a leak by @evleaks on Twitter which portrays the LG G Flex for AT&T with model number D950 and the G Flex for T-Mobile USA with model number D959. We will not be able to describe the image in detail because only the front portion of the device has been shown. There are chances that the devices will have the carrier branding at the back on the cover.

People are wondering whether the dates featured on both the devices indicate the launch date of the devices. At the moment, there is nothing to draw conclusion on but we could wait for more information on the same. According to the images, the AT&T version shows 17th March and the T-Mobile USA shows 12th February. These images are not shocking to us as we have used them and know a lot about it and can state that all other features would be same except for the carriers.

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