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LG Lifeband will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices

LG Lifeband Touch will be compatible for Android and iOS devices

LG Lifeband
LG Lifeband Touch will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices

There have been numerous speculations about LG coming up with a sort of a wristband. Recently, LG has admitted that they were working on it and are now preparing for the release of the wearable device. As per the tweets which are seen on the tweet by the famous tipster @evelaks, the LG Lifeband Touch is coming soon. We have researched more on the topic and it seems that there is not much of information about the price and the availability. We presume that LG would be planning on showcasing their debut on wearable devices at the CES 2014.

We hope that the New Year 2014 brings in a lot of surprises regarding Android and more extensions to the Android world. We are glad that you are a part of this Android community. We wish you all a Happy New Year !!

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