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AndroidLand Bangalore : Take a closer look


India’s leading mobile technology retailer , Spice Mobility with a chain of 650+ stores all across India launched the first two AndroidLand stores in India which are located at Koramangala in Bangalore and at The Great India Place Mall in Noida. We got the privilege to be invited by the AndroidLand Team to check out their store and the experience that they offer to their customers. The AndroidLand in Bangalore is spread across an area of 2300 sq.ft and is officially the flagship store by Spice Mobility that gives it a totally different experience than any other mobile store across India. AndroidLand in Bangalore showcases a wide range of interactive live demo units through which customers can play with to experience the Android platform which is uniquely exclusive and cool.

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The entrance of the store says it all. Spread across the store are various sections which aim to give the customer a good experience which includes knowledge about Android, clearance of doubts and interaction with various Android devices. Below we have taken a look in depth about all the sections present at AndroidLand Bangalore.

Smartphones :

In this area, you would find displayed a good amount of Android devices which are trending in the market as well as which could fit your budget and the likes of many. The staff would be very kind to guide you decide the best smartphone for you taking into consideration the features that you would want in a smartphone. Secondly, the devices displayed here are smart enough for multi-tasking and very responsive. Apart from Samsung, Sony, HTC there are many other devices displayed.

Serious Business :

When it comes to professionalism and business, many mobile users get skeptical on deciding an Android device for their daily use but at AndroidLand there is just a way with the assistance of the store specialists. In this section, your eyes will fall on a good range of business type of devices which could be beneficial if you are an executive or a business person. The reason is because of the extensive features which could be put to use in your daily life as well as your business.

Entertaining Tablets :

At the tablets section, you will have to hold grip as the tablets displayed could thrill you for a moment. Ranging from the Sony Xperia Z Tablet to the Lenovo range of tablets are displayed and can be used to experience the Android platform before going ahead to purchase. The store specialists would indeed love to explain the features and capabilities of an Android tablet in your day-to-day life.

App Drawer Section :

This is an area where you would want to roam around and keep on touching the app cards again and again. It is thrilling to a great extent for a fresh Android user. Basically, this section showcases the different apps ranging category wise which keep on changing according to the trend situation. The apps can be download just by scanning the OQ code which sits just next to the app on the card. The cards are itself very interactive and informative that you could not just get lost in the Android app world.

Accessories :

Being an Android device user, you might want to get some accessories like earphones, headphones and various others items. At AndroidLand there is just the right place where you could check out all that.

Entertainment Zone and Books :

A cool and quite section where you could experience the power of a device on a TV is called the “Entertainment Zone” at AndroidLand. If you are an ardent fan of books and would like to experience the life on books on an Android device, view it at the “Books Zone” which is another silent and comfortable spot to experience the same.

Summing up the experience at AndroidLand, we as the first Android blog to visit would say ” There is an Android for everyone “. It is just the place to be as if you are confused on which Android device to buy, the specialists are all out to clear your doubts and help you accordingly with good prices for your choice.

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