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Google pumps money into robots using the man behind Android

Android Robots

The highly advanced future of Android is not far because taking into consideration the imagination of Amazon delivering books by drones. Google might be planning to have their robots hop off an automated Google vehicle and race to your doorstep to deliver a parcel.

Google executives accept and admit that robotic vision is a “moonshot” but it really appears to be more realistic than Amazon’s proposed drone delivery service due to many reasons.

Looking back almost one and a half year ago and up till date, Google has quietly acquired seven technology companies in an effort to create a new generation of robots for the future and the engineer heading the effort is Andy Rubin who is rightfully the man who built Google’s Android software into the world’s dominant force in tablets and smartphones.

According to The New York Times, the company is keeping secrets about their plans, but the scale of the investment which has not been previously disclosed indicates that this is not a small and diminishing project.

As far as now, Google’s robotics effort is not something aimed at consumers but the Google’s expected targets are in electronics assembly which is now mostly manual and competing with companies like Amazon in retailing according to several people with specific knowledge of the respective project.

Mr.Andrew McAfee (Principal Research Scientist at the M.I.T. Center for Digital Business) says;

[quote]The opportunity is massive and there are still people who walk around in factories and pick up things in distribution centers and work in the back rooms of grocery outlets.[/quote]

Mr.Andy Rubin replies;

[quote]Like any moonshot, you have to think of time as a factor.We need enough runway, a good time frame and a 10-year vision.[/quote]

Mr. Andy Rubin is the 50-year-old Google executive in charge of the new project who began his engineering career in robotics and has had a well-known passion for building intelligent machines for a long time now. Before joining Apple Computer where he worked as a Manufacturing Engineer in the 1990s, he worked for Carl Zeiss as a Robotics Engineer. Mr.Andy Rubin has earned his place in the Android world as well as ready to embark on a great project which will be the successful future of robotics and Android.

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