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Top 5 Android Apps of the Month

There have been many great applications for Android this month, but here are the few that we think are the absolute best.

Scandid – Barcode Scanner ( Shopping )

Scandid for Android

Scandid is a fast and convenient barcode scanning based comparison shopping app for India. All you got to do is just scan the barcode present on the product or just type in the name and instantly compare prices for the product scanned on all online shopping sites. This means whatever you want you are sure you are getting it at the cheapest price. Scandid searches millions of products across hundreds of online sites in India to help you get the best prices and coupons.

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We find the app very useful from a price discovery point of view. In terms of product discovery, the barcode scanner is an improvement but image recognition would be ideal in this context. The app also supports a good keyword search so a user will not need to rely on the barcode scanner alone. The app supports all UPC, EAN and ISBN barcode formats.


Contacts + ( Communication )


Contacts+ is one of the most useful and the best address (phone) books we have ever used on Android. It has some amazing features like combining photos with social information across all social media of the particular contact. One tap opens a contact card, another calls or emails a friend.

Your contacts are all shown with their portrait photo next to them and you can toggle groups and favorites so you only see the people that matter to you. Contacts+ features an highly advanced integrated dialer so that a user can browse and call right from within the app and there is so much accessibility that the app even offers geo-location through apps like WhatsApp Messenger. Tapping on any of the icons on the left side of the screen to see your friend’s latest updates on any connected service.

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Contacts+ also reminds you about your friends birthday’s and other important events. It also provides users with an home screen widget which we think is very useful.


Currency Converter ( Finance )

Currency Converter

It is a very simple but a very handy app if you travel from one place to the other regularly. Best of all the recent update of this app has made it add-free. Currency Converter tracks the currencies from across the globe and updates them at regular intervals. The app also allows a user to easily convert between your favorite currencies and get the most accurate conversions within no time.

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Graph currency pairs over time and a user is able to fetch the latest information on each currency. Portfolios of currencies can be set up for easy tracking. It is a very simple app but the reason we recommend it is due to the ease of use and the amazing user interface.


Otaku Camera ( Photography )

Okatu Camera

We are really impressed by this photo editor. Otaku Camera makes any photo look like a still from an amazing comic series. It has loads of amazing features like cosplay, anime and much more and is certainly our most favorite app of this month.

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Otaku Camera only gives you a handful of overlays but there are loads more to download from its store for free. This app is really amazing and turns your photos into a real comic style picture full of life and colors. Users can do all sorts of edits like tilts, zoom, crops in the app. The created picture can be shared directly to your favorite social network instantaneously.


Cut the Rope: Experiments ( Brain & Puzzle )

Cut the Rope  Experiments

It is back! The most amazing physics game is back with a bang! It stars an adorable monster named Om Nom who is trapped in a series of boxes and needs to be fed candy. You have to get your brain cracking and spend your time working your way through the insane contraptions designed to hold the candy back . The minor update details are relevant here because it is very much an expansion of the original game. It introduces no new elements beyond a couple new gadgets. The art is the same, the interface is virtually identical and the controls have not changed.

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There are 75 levels split up into three sections which is not such an easy task to complete as this game is an ultimate time killer. The first 25 levels reintroduce players to nearly all the mechanics of the original game and in the other two sections the gamer is given two new gadgets to play with which are both very cool and useful. Cut the Rope: Experiments costs only Rs.61.07/- on the Google Play Store and it is worth much more so be happy and download it as all good things always come at a price.


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