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Emoji Blitz

Even before Android came into the big picture people were using smileys on their mobiles and even on various social sites but now emoticons have been taken to a totally different a better level. There are various and tons of apps on the Google Play Store which provide different types of emoticons for sharing over social networks. Are you a Candy Crush Saga user ?

If yes, I am sure that this app which we have taken to officially review will truly interest you. AppsMania has released our their third app “Emoji Blitz” on the Google Play Store for free. With the use of Emoji Blitz users can send smiley stickers to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger, LINE, WeChat and many other instant messengers. Using the app is easy, fun and crazily addictive.

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Emojis are basically Japanese styled smileys. As you play along the game you will be able to unlock more emojis with the help of the coins you earn. The user interface is very colourful and exciting. Emoji Blitz is a sort of a bubble swap game and the interaction via social networks makes this app worth downloading and testing. By the looks you might think that is is an easy game but we have played it and will make a point that as you go up level by level the difficulty increases.

In case you still are not convinced as to download Emoji Blitz, have a look at a tutorial video which showcases the different screens and the game-play.

Emofi Blitz FREE

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