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Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature a Wrap-Around Display

Samsung Galaxy S5
Wrap Around Display on the Galaxy S5

Samsung is steaming ahead and working very hard to get everything picture perfect with their next Galaxy flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. A new rumor is spreading out that the Galaxy S5 may feature a wrap-around display.

According to a source, a new Galaxy handset is currently in the works and its most notable feature would be a flexible display panel that overlaps on the edges, creating a three-sided screen that is wholly functional.

The report also says that the rumored device is going to debut in July at the earliest. This does not go hand in hand with the rumored release date of the Galaxy S5 but we hope we get to see this type of screen technology on the Galaxy S5. We really hope that the report points to the Galaxy S5 only and not another different device from Samsung’s stables.

Olympus Digital Camera
Olympus Digital Camera

Samsung showcased a similar device with a wraparound screen during CES this year. So, we think its high time the actually make use of this amazing screen technology on their Galaxy flagships in 2014.

Its at the moment unclear to point that the report is about the Galaxy S5 but whichever device comes with this screen technology is going to have amazing features like reading messages on different angles and much more. This will help Samsung to increase screen size without actually increase the size of the device itself.

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