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Android, WP on the rise as iOS share slides

A report has been released by Gartner on mobile phone sales in the third quarter of 2013 and the report shows smartphones continue to outsell feature phones for second quarter in a row. Scaling globally, the smartphones sales reached 250.2 million, taking up 55% of all cell phone sales which is a 45.8% increase over the same quarter last year as per GSMArena. On an overall basis, the phone sales totaled 455.6 million units which is also quite higher than Q3 2012 albeit only by 5.7%.


As per Gartner, the region that saw most of the rise for both smartphones and feature phones is Asia/Pacific. The smartphone segment grew by 77.3% on a yearly basis while feature phones had an increase of 11.9%. The other regions that saw a distinct rise in sales of smartphones were Western Europe, South America and North America.

As far as phone manufacturers are concerned the only notable change from the previous quarter is the rise of Lenovo to the third place after Samsung and Apple. Lenovo now has a 5.1% market share for Q3 2013 which is 1 point higher than the same period of 2012 and enough to push LG to the fourth place. Supporting a fact, LG came only 800,000 units short of LG and LG will definitely try and catch up in the holiday quarter.

Samsung’s market share for the quarter did not change from Q3 2012 but it grew by 0.4% compared to Q2 2013. AS for Apple standing second, things are not looking so bright since they lost the magic touch as from 18.8% in Q2 2012 it fell to 14.3% a year later and even the launch of iPhone 5s and 5c in the third quarter could not help another fall to 12.1% with a total of 30,3 million smartphone sold which is pretty sad.


Android just keeps on growing day by day and its market share now stands at 81.9% or just about 205 million smartphones which is basically a rise of 2.9% points compared to the previous quarter and nearly 10 percent points from the same period of 2012.



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