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Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature an ISOCELL Sensor


Samsung just concluded its Annual Analyst Day 2013 and it has given us much needed important information on their devices for the year 2014. Samsung gave information about their next generation processors, screens as well as new state of the art cameras. It also disclosed that Samsung sold over 100 million Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series devices in the year 2014. That huge number is record shattering. Samsung also stated that Samsung LSI won the bid against Sony to mass produce cameras of Samsung’s flagship devices for the year 2014.

The report states that Samsung will use 16 MP camera with ISOCELL sensors with 1.12 µm pixels as the camera unit on their flagship phones. ISOCELL as Samsung stated promises increased light sensitivity over BSI sensors and offers a higher color fidelity and improved low light performance thanks to better control of electron absorption.

We do not know whether the ISOCELL sensor supports Optical Image Stabilisation. We hope it does as many of Samsung’s rivals have already come up with phones with OIS on board so this is basically a tough competition. Stay tuned for more news and updates as we heat up and get closer to the launch of the next Samsung Galaxy S5 .


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