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Dead Trigger 2 – Fight those Zombies

Dead Trigger 2

Android has been home to many amazing games since a long time.Dead Trigger 2 is no exception. With its amazing graphics performance and very easy to use touch controls this game minimizes the distance between mobile and console class games. Madfinger Games has done exceedingly well in developing this game and we can see their efforts pay off. We would rate this game as the best available of its kind on the Google Play Store and it can be downloaded for free provided you have an Android device which is powered by Android 4.0 and above.


Dead Trigger 2 is a first person shooter and is  also  one of the first free to play games developed by Madfinger Games. Gun down flesh-eating zombies while doing your best to survive. This quick-start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

It requires users of create a personal account so that they can register and save their progress in the game. This is the only area where we think the game lacks its punch as this is a free online game, meaning, users need to be connected to the internet at all times to be able to play the game. So, forget about this game when you are going on those long enjoyable journeys. Its a shame that the developers did not provide a separate offline patch to the users so that the can play the offline mode at any time. The game is Facebook integrated which means users can share their progress, rewards and all that with your friends.All those above drawbacks are covered up by some amazing game-play. Equip yourselfwith some amazing weapons and go eliminate the zombie threat that is when they are not aware about your present.


The main menu is very graphical and really simple to use. There are only a few option that is those of connecting the game with your account and also the “Play” option that takes you directly into the game. There is a tutorial offered to first time players which will help you to get the hang of the game.  The left and right sides of the screen control looking up and down and movement, respectively. Right from the tutorial it will strike you how amazing the graphics and the game-play really is. The controls are very simple to use and also very accurate and responsive. Its the controls that force us to like this game even more. Another good thing is that there is a navigation arrow on top that guides the players to all different locations in the game. So, forget those days when you used to look at those maps to navigate through the games.


Swapping between the close and long range weapons are jut a tap away now. Users can swap and choose the weapons they desire just by tapping the weapon icon on the screen. The firing is automatic in this game. This means you just need to aim at the zombies and then the engine does the rest. We think that this is amazing add-on. Saves lots of time and keeps the game simple and very interesting to play.


Choice between weapons should be done very carefully, as you can run out of ammo at any instant. Thus, using a melee weapon for an individual zombie will be beneficial. There are various reloading points in every location where users can reload their ammo and continue the war against the dead. Aiming and shooting in some special regions also provides some extra cash and rewards. Health and money are displayed at the top left of the screen. Health degrades very fast in this game and players need to keep a lookout on the bar.


After every mission, users are directed into a special menu called the “Hideout”. It is here where users can heal their virtual players, build some amazing weapons and much more. Users can purchase some amazing in-game add-ons by using the cash they collected during the missions. Dead Trigger 2 also provides a whole new range of weapons and utilities which users can buy by sending some real world bucks.  It also offers the option to choose the location you want to start playing. This game is an American game. So, do not be surprised by seeing some American cities on the map.


Zombies may look bit on the un-real but be very vigilant and active at all times as they can cause a lot of damage to your virtual player reducing his health instantaneously . Aiming at the head means you earn an instant kill which will come in handy in a group attack. Also, it will earn you income and rewards. 


The best way of protecting the player and fighting zombies is through barriers. It can be very handy where you are completely surrounded by zombies. But a important point to be noted is that the zombies can break the barriers very easily. Therefore, barriers should be protected and also be rebuilt if they are considerably damaged.


Overall, this game is the ultimate time-killer. We would definitely recommend this game to our readers and hardcore gamers worldwide. Dead Trigger 2 was tested on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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