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Android vs Apple

iPad Air – A New Benchmark for Tablets

Android v/s Apple

Since the death of Steve Jobs the original founder and CEO of Apple Inc. the range of innovative and extraordinary products coming out from Apple’s den have just faded away. There was a era when Apple used to be known for its classy, high class range of innovative products like the iPod Shuffle, iPod (various generations) but ever since Tim Cook has taken over Apple as the CEO there has been prolonged lack and absence of such products which purely shows that the team has not been able to take over from where Steve left off.

Apple has lost its biggest mobile phone manufacturer title to Samsung which is a huge concern for the team at Apple Inc. Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) in a interview said:

[quote]We are not in the junk business. There is a segment of the market that really wants a product that does a lot for them and I want to compete like crazy for those customers.[/quote]

On the contrary this Apple which Tim Cook mentioned was meant for only high end customers launched a cheaper iPhone 5c just to attract more sales for their devices and recapture the market which they earlier ruled.

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