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Exynos 6 – The Fastest Mobile Chipset Ever


In a strong response to Apple Inc. the Korean giants Samsung have almost completed their work on the new state of processor dubbed to be call the Exynos 6. It is confirmed to be a 64 bit processor and the second of its kind after Apple developed the first one the Apple A7 chipset.

It is almost certain that Samsung will equip their new flagship the Galaxy S5 with this powerful chip. The chip is based on a 14 nm architecture and is destined to be the fastest mobile chipset ever created. It will have the ability to run all 8 cores at a time using just half the power thus certainly increasing the battery life. This will seriously bump up the performance of their flagship offering.

Reports from our reliable sources suggest that the complex tasks of the development is done and the Koreans are now dealing and with technicalities and logistics. Stay tuned for more on the Galaxy S5 and also the latest news on the ultra premium lineup from Samsung the Galaxy F.

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