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A few days ago ABC News has released a brand new app for Android on the Google Play Store. Now readers and users will always be able to read the latest headlines on their site, but if you want to know the minute breaking news happens with updates and alerts you could get instant notifications and news from the app. The ABC News app was designed with several advanced features to ensure users stay informed and entertained all day with different news of different arenas.

Watching video in the ABC News app is even easier now with the Watch & Read feature in articles and is designed keeping in mind “multi-asking” . Have a look for related videos atop articles and when users press play one can continue reading and scrolling through the article as the video plays at the top of your screen and it is all available on the Google Play Store for free.

abc News UI Showcase

Do not forget to locate a red ABC News Inbox icon in the top menu bar which is now the custom Inbox with news and updates tailored for your interests. Just “star” stories that interest you when you read them, and they will be saved in your inbox instantly. Any updates, breaking developments will be sent directly to your inbox so you can quickly catch up in one place. The best part is that major breaking news alerts are directly sent to your phone’s lock-screen.

After a tiresome day, the app will automatically open to Daily Rewind which is a playlist of ten videos designed to inform you and to help you unwind from your day. Start the first video and the rest will play automatically which does not men that you cannot skip or fast-forward.

Core to this app is just reading and instant alerts and you can find stories that interest you by sections such as International, Technology, Travel or by shows such as “GMA” and “World News” from the top left navigation. Use grippers to customize the menu and move your favorite content closer to the top to get into the stories that most interest you even quicker. ABC News Radio has been integrated in the app so now you can play those broadcasts from the top left navigation too. Information with just a tap as the globe likes it is brought to Android.



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