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Will Samsung own Android’s future?

Samsung Annual Developer Conference

Even supporting the fact that Samsung might be the world’s biggest and best manufacturer of Android hardware Samsung has really spent much of the last few years building a software experience for its devices that is uniquely its own and the company’ user interface now covers up nearly every bit of Android with a custom design or replacement app so much so that the company has added a slew of unique features to the operating system.

Presenting to you the world’s first Samsung Annual Developer Conference which officially kicks off on 27th October 2013 and wraps up on 29th October 2013 at Westin St.Francis Hotel,Union Square, San Francisco, CA is the latest indication that the Samsung is really serious about software as a way to stand out so much so that instead of developing just for Android, Samsung wants developers building products specifically for its hardware.

As per open letter to developers, Curtis Sasaki (Senior Vice President of Media Solutions) says;

[quote]We as a company are committed to accelerating Android app development. A lot of developers look at the app stores and see there’s 800,000 applications, 1 million applications available so how do they stand above the crowd?[/quote]

Samsung makes a  lot of hardware than just Android phones and tablets and Samsung also wants to leverage that to show itself as a different company. Basically , Samsung has a chance to own the future of Android in terms of hardware and software also but we presume that Google will not let that happen.


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