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BBM launches for Android

BBM is an app that has been long waited for and yesterday there was tension and exciting mounting up worldwide whether BBM for Android is really going to resume or not but we made sure to cover the launch details in time which alerted BBM fans to register their place in line with this roll-out. People who did not pre-register can download the app from Google Play Store but will need to wait in line until they can start using BBM for Android. Since it is finally out and almost hundreds of users are currently using BBM we present to you a BBM app review on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

After getting a notification from Blackberry that you can now start using BBM, once you open the app which you downloaded from the Google Play Store you will see the ” Congratulations ” screen with a Next button.


We have provided below a carousel of all the screenshots that we managed to take for this review and have explained more in detail below.

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The Current Chats screen is very simple and very clean like how BlackBerry has always kept their applications. At the moment since the roll-out there are no bugs spotted with the app nor even errors in sending messages. If you access the Groups section, it looks as same as the current chats area and various groups can be created here. In the Contacts section, when you are new to BBM you will be shown an Invite to BBM button which makes things more easier and faster.

Like all other messenger apps such as the Facebook Messenger, BBM too has both ways screen sliders. If you swipe your finger from the right to the left of the screen you will be displayed with certain options such as :-

  1. Help
  2. Settings
  3. Invite to BBM
  4. Join Group

In case you swipe your finger from the left to the right of the screen you will be displayed with certain options such as :-

  1. Chats
  2. Contacts
  3. Groups
  4. Updates
  5. Invites

Understanding and using the app for even fresh users will not be difficult because it is very point oriented and simple as we said before. There are certain important sections which we have elaborated on below :

BBM Settings :

The BBM for Android app uses your email ID as your BlackBerry ID username to get registered and various other settings can be performed and set in this section which would include sound and vibrate profiles, music settings,chat settings , notifications and even setting the layout of contacts. If you have a look below in the BBM Settings section you would be able to view your current BBM version which would be something like this ” ” and problems can be reported via the ” Report a Problem ” button which is provided in the section.

Invite to BBM :

Invitations can be sent via various extended social media as well as through networks such as Invite by Barcode Scan , PIN , E-Mail , SMS and the best inclusive and top feature is “Invite by NFC“. BlackBerry has done a great job for the long run and built in all trending features into this app so now ex-BBM users get something more and fresh users feel the need of the app.

Now if you have still not got in line download the app via the download link provided below. Kindly feel free to post your issues and thoughts in the form of comments below.

Download BBM for Android

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