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Google is controlling open source by any means necessary

Android Locked Up

In November 2007 which is approximately six years ago,the Android Open Source Project  which is also known as the AOSP was officially announced and the original iPhone came a few months earlier which was capturing people’s imaginations and ushering in the modern smartphone era. While Google was an active app partner for the original Apple iPhone it could see what a future of unchecked iPhone competition would be like by recalling and fondly remembering  Andy Rubin’s initial pitch for Android.

Basically, Google was terrified that Apple would end up ruling the mobile space in the future so in order  to help in the fight against the iPhone at a time when Google had no mobile foothold whatsoever and that was the reason why Android was launched as an open source project.

Android is the increasing and soaring high since the year 2008
Android is the increasing and soaring high since the year 2008

During that time Google had nothing as to any adoption nor even a shred of market share so it was welcome. Google decided to give Android away for free and use it as a complete trojan horse for Google services. People were thinking that if Google Search was one day locked out of the iPhone people would stop using Google Search on the desktop.

Today, things are a little different and have changed on a wide basis. Android went from zero percent of the smartphone market to owning nearly 80 percent of it and Android has won the smartphone wars, but “Android winning” and “Google winning” do not fall into the same boat. Since Android is open source, it doesn’t really “belong” to Google and anyone is free to take it which includes cloning the source and even creating an alternate version which could be even better.

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