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Aviate - Intelligent through the day

Aviate is meant to bring Android into the future


It was built on the assumption that people wanted to find information quickly and with ease and companies fought to build the best search engines so much so that they even changed their websites to get a better ranking on whichever engine won and purchased ads just in case their efforts did not work as well as intended as per source. Explaining with the help of an example , finding something on the world wide web was like hunting for a suicidal animal praying for its hide to be punctured by as many arrows as possible but now the times have changed and so have the users.


It is being built on the assumption that people want their information to appear without them having to ask and companies like Google are sifting through the massive amount of data and using everything they have learned to present information in a clear and concise way without requiring users to actively search for anything.

Aviate - Intelligent through the day
 Intelligent throughout the day


Aviate is a home-screen replacement for Android smartphones debuting today as an invite-only beta is a product of a totally new thinking. The software enhances and widely changes the basic aspects of Android by uniquely creating an intelligent home-screen that uses the users location, preferences and downloaded applications to provide easy access to the myriad actions and information their smartphones hold. In simple words, Aviate aims to become to Android what Google Now is to Google.

Have a Better Android experience
Have a Better Android experience

For example , instead of requiring you to launch Foursquare when you enter a restaurant ,  Aviate automatically allows you to check-in directly from the home-screen. Aviate provides easy access to navigation apps while a user is traveling or has set an alarm when at home. Many of the things you would normally accomplish with an app are instead done through a constantly-updating section of the home-screen that changes as your activities , intentions and surrounding change. It’s just ” Aviate !

Paul Montoy-WilsonCo-Founder of Aviate ) says ;

Search is evolving. On the Web the keyword ruled the day and as we move to phones and think about how search is still evolving day-by-day and we have a strong belief that context is going to be the future of search.

Mark Daiss ( Co-Founder of Aviate ) says ;

I think there is a tiny bit of an interesting conundrum here. We did learn through the alpha that there are several people who would like to have certain customization’s and are also wanting to use Aviate.

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