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Exynos 6 ( Tentative Name )

Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature 14 nm Exynos 6

Samsung Galaxy S5

As per consecutive multiple rumours and the recent information by source , the  Samsung Galaxy S5 is supposed to feature a brand new line of 14 nm processors which is presumed to be the best and the most popular Exynos 6 ( 64 BIT CPU ) .

Some time has gone back as there were many speculations that Samsung is working on 20 nm chips and it looks like the company has miniaturized down the chip to a 14 nm CPU which is a small sized but yet big leap. Please make note that the name Exynos 6 is tentative and can be changed at any time before the development of the device. Even more , there are no hard details about the availability ad the date of launch however it has been speculated to be released sometime next year ( 2014 ) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be the first device to have this feature.

Exynos 6 ( Tentative Name )
Exynos 6 ( Tentative Name )

What we presume that other smartphone manufacturers must be already gearing up to do better and beat the Samsung Galaxy S5 in all ways and may be even having their device as the first to support the feature instead of Samsung. All we can do it sit back and watch the consecutive rumours and leaks for the same.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be water-proof and shock-proof.

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