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Android Studio Canary Build Release

Android Studio Canary Build

Android Studio Canary Build 0.2.13 has been officially released and this update brings in a lot of bug fixes. This is the first release in Android Studio’s Canary channel which brings in exclusive updates on a weekly basis. If you are not familiar with the above , then we would say ” Welcome to the Developer World of Android ” .

Android Studio Canary Build Release
Android Studio Canary Build Release

What is new and exciting in this release :

  1. The patch mechanism has been fixed.
  2. The Export APK dialog has been restored for Gradle projects. The right and the best procedure to release an apk when using a Gradle project is to include your signing configuration inside your build scripts. Now , this will allow you to properly sign the release versions of all the variants of your application by doing a “gradlew assembleRelease” from the command line.
  3. We are working on coming up with a UI that achieves the same effect without having to change/edit the build.gradle files.
  4. If you even then choose to use the wizard , kindly make sure that the release version of your APK to sign is selected.
  5. The Breakpoints window does not work properly .
  6. When using the Android Gradle plugin version 0.6.1 using JDK ( Java Development Kit ) 7 in Studio does not work.

There might be several questions in your mind about the Android Studio Canary Build so you could read more here or even drop us a line below and we will be sure to respond for the same.

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