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HomeSync ( Desktop Medium )

Samsung HomeSync priced at $299

HomeSync ( Desktop Medium )
HomeSync ( Desktop Medium )

Earlier this Thursday , Samsung revealed their $299/- worth HomeSync which is basically a little black box that has three basic tricks. Firstly , with the help of this console you can blast your videos and photos on your TV. Secondly , save and easily access the media files on a central home network drive as per source. Thirdly , you could play movies and other content from the Internet via standard Android apps. The cool and catchy part is that the HomeSync takes in commands from your compatible Galaxy device instead of a remote control device.

HomeSync which will be available from 6th October 2013 onwards is not the same as the Google Chromecast which is priced at $35. The Google Chromecast lets a user watch movies and TV streamed from the Internet and view the pictures and videos which are being played on the Android device.

HomeSync ( Desktop Flow )
HomeSync ( Desktop Flow )
HomeSync ( Desktop - TV - Devices )
HomeSync ( Desktop – TV – Devices )


One difference is that HomeSync is basically a free-standing Android device so you can install any Android app and not just video streaming stuff.  Summing up about the Samsung HomeSync , it is priced at $299/- which is practically high and expensive to pay for such a specialized system when other video-streaming alternatives such as the Chromecast are available at a lower cost and very easy to transport.

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