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Google Asus Nexus 10

[Report] Asus working on Google Nexus 10 tablet

Google Asus Nexus 10
Google Asus Nexus 10 – Is it true ??

We have spotted an informative and pictorial tweet from @evleaks where there is a screenshot of the Google Nexus 10 tablet. Any person who just views the image will feel that Google and Asus are working together to design and launch a new Nexus tablet into the tablet market very soon which is totally right.

It is affirmative that Google and Asus will be working together to bring the Nexus 10 tablet as per source and judging by Google‘s recent plans, the Nexus 10 tablet might be less expensive compared to the previous model of last year ( 2012 ). Google has also opted for the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors in the Nexus experience delivering devices.

Google is expected to announce the Nexus 5 Android smartphone and we can expect to see the new Nexus 10 tablet at the same event later this month.

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