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FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio for Android

FL Studio Mobile for Android
FL Studio Mobile for Android

Real time music apps for Android just don’t work as they should. That is barring a few. One of the best music apps out there is FL Studio which was first an iTunes exclusive. Now this app is also available on Android. One of the main reason this app is so popular on Android is because of its clean and easy to use User Interface.

The app enables the user to use bank of onscreen drum pads, effects panel,an instrument browser and windows for managing your projects and making general app setup changes. The app offers (which comprises 133 instruments, drum kits and sliced-loop beats) leans towards the electronic, though it’s just presets that are on offer and these can only be edited to the extent that you can adjust attack and release times.

Download : FL Studio Mobile for Android

We while testing the app on various devices noticed a bit of lag during real time recording. We would recommend this app on an Android powered tablet as the mobile interface is too complicated. This app is optimized for a tablet device. The only drawback of this app is that it does not offer a demo version so users who want to test the app cannot do so and the full version is too pricey at Rs.999/- but is worth it. But the projects created on this studio are just a class apart for a mobile device. FL Studio is one o a music fan you have some bucks to spare in your pocket FL Studio is the perfect app for you.

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