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Beta Testers Sign-Up list opens up for CyanogenMod Installer


Did you ever have a dream to be a beta tester for the CyanogenMod Installer and if you have , CyanogenMod along with Mr.Koushik Dutta are looking out for usability testers and testers who can validate the driver packages across a broader range of Windows installations and PCs. This is just the chance for an Android developer to start his/her career with one of the best , as in CyanogenMod Team.

According to Koushik Dutta’s post on Google+ , the CyanogenMod team requires each beta tester to be bestowed with the following :

  • a good camera to record yourself carrying out the installation.
  • a device  currently supported by CyanogenMod.
  • willing to work with the tasks on bug reports and provide results and feedback regularly.

If you feel that you have got what it takes to sail on with the CyanogenMod team as a beta developer , you will have to get in touch with Koushik Dutta and have a conversation with him regarding your interest to the same.

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