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Oracle makes tablet with Raspberry Pi and Java called DukePad

Samsung and Sony are designing and manufacturing high-end tablets and other companies are getting motivated and are getting into the Android world by starting to do the same. There are so many companies developing Android tablets and recently we have caught up on some information by source that Oracle is developing the DukePad.

Orcale DukePad

We have not got a lot of information about the features and internal hardware specifications about the DukePad. For those of you who are unaware ,  Oracle ; the enterprise software and hardware company has unveiled the DukePad which is a tablet powered by a Raspberry Pi and JavaSE Embedded 8.

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The DukePad builders will need to get a screen and display board for $135 which is not so cheap ,the Raspberry Pi and camera add-on, a memory card, a battery pack and various other components to go along with it. Is the tablet is priced it could amount up to $367.55/- which will include the amount of hours it takes to assemble the DukePad and configure the software accordingly. In terms of platform , the DukePad uses the Raspbian OS under the hood but the User Interface is powered by JavaFX.

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