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Kindle HDX Android Tablets

iPad overtaken by Android in terms of tablets

The iOS platform is vast in many terms and many Android users feel that they should have bought an iOS device because of many reasons but we , at AndroGuru have just two iOS devices as of today for testing purposes. As per today’s news and information via source , iPad is overtaken by Android in terms of tablets and there is a lot to add to it about the same.

Kindle HDX Android Tablets
Kindle HDX Android Tablets

The iPad by Apple is the long the best-selling tablet in the world has received a check to its dominance and the latest is that Android has taken the lead in tablets sold and in the money people paid have for them. The values are proven by many sources and it is totally affirmative so there is no doubt about this matter. Basically , it is not good news for Apple by any stretch of thinking or even imagination, but the values do have to be given some context.

Starting from scratch , no single manufacturer of tablets comes close to Apple in terms of volume but Android as a whole may sell more devices than Apple, but the ecosystem is fragmented between the likes of Samsung, Amazon, Asus and many others. The full-size iPad and the iPad Mini are still the best-selling models out there. iPad is selling like hot cakes in the US and Eastern Europe but Android may have slightly more of the pie if it splits in more ways. Android being an open source platform it has given an added advantage to developers across the globe. In terms of tablets users , Android tablets are selling very fast because it offers a lot and has wide options as well as it is an open platform.


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