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Full Remote Device Lockdown is live in the Android Device Manager

Android developers and smartphone and tablets users around the globe are waiting for better when it comes to Android. Android is vast , open-source and can be manipulated to a great extent. As per source , in their recent APK / website tear-down they unearthed Android‘s upcoming remote device lock functionality through Google Play Services and now it has quietly gone live in the Android Device Manager for all Android device users globally. Just head to the Management Interface and users will be able to see a new Lock button. A user has to activate it by clicking it and the lost device can be secured within seconds. You could view the images to get a better view of what happens exactly and we have explained more in detail below.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

The functionality is incredibly quick and responsive as in even if a users device is locked with a PIN or a pattern or other method which is provided by default , the Device Manger will instantly override it very easily. The user will be asked a question to choose a new password when submitting the lock request and that is the code a user will use to unlock the device when it comes back in hand once again. This functionality will even turn off the screen if it is on to get things locked down tight. One more amazing thing that we have tried is that if the device is in Airplane mode, the lock request will be completed as soon as the Android device is connected to a network.

Source – Via : AndroidPolice 

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