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Time to shift to Android is here!

A group of hackers in Germany named Chaos Computer Club have successfully cracked the new fingerprint scanner on Apple’s flagship device the iPhone 5S . This group even released a video to prove the world about the same. This is a shocker for guys at Apple Inc. as they earlier today released data that the new iPhone devices were already selling in the 9 millions. This news could prove to be a setback for the company as the fingerprint sensor was one on the phone’s most accredited feature. Apple even said in its press event that the finger print sensor on their phone was state of the art and the possibility of cracking it was 1 in 50,000. This latest hacking incident is likely to spill milk over Apple’s claim.

The group of hackers were able to fool Apple’s Touch ID software which Apple spent lot of time and money on in just three days of the release of the iPhone.   They were able to do crack the software and unlock the iPhone 5S by using an artificial copy of a fingerprint of a user of the phone.

As per many reports , the hackers said that they bypassed the security system by “photographing a fingerprint left on a glass surface” and creating a fake finger to press on the sensor and all they had to do was to make a “higher resolution” phony finger, which could be done by pulling a print off glass.

The fingerprint scanner is however not the only option to unlock an iPhone 5S. A 4 digit pin-code could also be used instead. But we here at AndroGuru cannot find the reason why Apple launched their flagship device with a scanner that is now found out to be so easily crackable.

Apart from that there are also many bugs in the latest iOS 7 which includes games and some apps still not being compatible with this 64 bit OS. We never expected Apple to launch an iPhone with so many initial bugs and software failures. Another bug in the OS  is that it automatically logs users off various different apps without the user wanting to do so. Also the User Interface is sloppy at times which is another pain for the users.

One of Apple’s spokesperson said in her statement,

Apple takes user security very seriously and being aware of this issue a fix in the future software update will be delivered.


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