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Samsung Galaxy S5 – What do we know so far ?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 now halfway through it life cycle and already the internet is full of rumours and speculations on what the successor of the Galaxy S4 which is the Galaxy S5 will be like. Here is a roundup on just what we might get to see when Samsung takes their next flagship to the world stage in March 2014 at their Samsung Unpacked Event 2014 – Episode 1.

One thing that is confirmed by Samsung as of now is that the next flagship device will support a 64 bit processor which is destined to be faster than the one on the new iPhone 5S as per source. What’s more we know is that the device is going to pack in a whopping 3-4 GB of RAM to support and boost the performance offered by the 64 bit processor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 RAM improvement could result in a slimmer phone with a better battery life.

A spokesperson ( official ) for the company says;

Samsung’s ultra-slim memory solutions which are purely new will enable thinner smartphone designs and allow for additional battery space while offering a data transfer speed of up to 2,133 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin.

The camera would be a interesting one. We place our bet on the new state of the art 16 MP shooter that Samsung and its partner companies are working on. Recently, there were an array of rumours suggesting the camera to be a 21 MP Carls Zeiss lens. Whatever it may be it will be a great camera and is definitely be one of the biggest factors that will attract millions of people around the world to this phone and the image quality is destined to be so fantastic that people might stop using a dedicated compact camera.

The design was the only aspect in which the Galaxy S4 got a beating. The quality of materials used made it feel cheap and nothing like what a pricey flagship should look like. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will adopt an body made by a metal to match the quality of devices that are manufactured by its competitors.

The screen of the flagship device is the only thing that we aren’t sure about. Rumours are speculating online suggesting the device to have an amazing 4K screen. On the other hand some sources say that Samsung will utilize its Youm technology on this phone which will literally make this phone totally bendable. Whatever it is we definitely know that its gonna be awesome.

The phone is expected to come with Google’s chocolaty flavoured OS Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box. Rumours also suggest that Samsung might use their OS named Tizen on the phone, but we here are sure that it wont be the case as Samsung wouldn’t try to use a untried and untested OS on the Galaxy flagship device.

We here at AndroGuru will keep you informed and updated in the build up to the next Galaxy flagship for the next five months.








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