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Flipkart launched their app on the Play Store

Flipkart for Android

Flipkart launched their app on the Play Store
Flipkart launched their app on the Play Store

Using various third-party apps for purchasing or even using Google extends the whole procedure to find out what you are looking out for. Shopping over the past few years has gotten very easy because of various online retailers and we here at AndroGuru purchase Android smartphones and tablets from Flipkart so we are well-versed with their product assistance and warranty support. For users in India , Flipkart is ranked the best online retailer for various products.

On 20th September 2013 , Flipkart had launched their official and native app for all Android users on the Google Play Store. It is very user-friendly and very easy to understand and use. Something that we noticed  is that , the search results are very detailed as compared to the online site.

[ Flipkart for Android ] UI Showcase
[ Flipkart for Android ] UI Showcase

Explaining the entire app in detail , users can easily navigate through different departments to find various products and products could be searched by providing a bar-code or even a voice. It is compatible with all Android devices that support Voice Search. Users are able to narrow the search using Filter and Sort options and products images can be viewed up close because of the Zoom feature included. As this app is now on the Google Play Store , we are sure shopping on Flipkart will be quite faster and different as users will not have to open their device browser in order to visit Flipkart to purchase an item.

Moving on , reviews by different people could be read on this app and all economical transactions such as COD (Cash on Delivery), Credit/Debit Cards, EMI and NetBanking are supported. Tracking the status of the order is also possible and links to interesting and mind-boggling products can be shared on social networks ( Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , etc ) , SMS and even Gmail. Shopping gets much easier and all can be found just in one place with this app. We would definitely like to know how your first order is with the use of the Flipkart for Android so do keep us posted with your feedback in the form of comments below.

Download : Flipkart for Android ( Smartphones and Tablets )

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