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WeChat ( User Interface 1 )

WeChat for Android

WeChat is one of the most popular social app currently present in the Google Play Store and it offers the experience and variety of features discussed in this review which mostly have been missing in most social apps released in the past.
WeChat ( User Interface 1 )
WeChat ( User Interface 1 )
WeChat ( User Interface 2 )
WeChat ( User Interface 2 )
WeChat provides us multimedia communication with text messaging that includes hold-to-talk voice messaging, image /video sharing, sharing of location and contact information exchange. It allows you to connect freely with other WeChat users around the world.
The option of adding and editing photos with various different kinds of filters, captions and whole lot of other features is also amazing.I seriously think that this app is a serious competitor to likes of Whatsapp and even beats it in some areas. To add to its portfolio the app holds pride in  being the #5 most used app in history.
WeChat ( User Interface 3 )
WeChat ( User Interface 3 )
Some key points that we loved about this amazing app is the new voice messaging feature which in terms of quality and speed is one of the best we have ever seen. The Walkie Talkie feature is really ground breaking as it allows you to connect up to 40 friends at once and voice chat with them simultaneously with just a push of a button. The ability of sharing, liking and commenting on photos of your friends really makes it look like a mini social network. The app provides loads of fun overall with some extra perks like games, apps, stickers to share with all your friends.
We here at AndroGuru strongly recommend this app to be your daily communication driver. This app almost works on each and every smartphone out there. We have used this app and are really amazed about what this simple looking app can offer its user. The bottom-line is “We Love. We Chat

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