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Android 5.0 Design Concept

Android 5.0 Concept Design by Craig Tuttle

With a lot of piling up in the Android world , the Android 4.4 Kitkat has a lot of news and information tagged along with it. We here at AndroGuru make it a point to select the best Android news and the latest around the globe to put forth to all our readers and viewers.

Above is the video that was spotted on YouTube which is designed and uploaded by Craig Tuttle ( Intern at Red Rocks Computer Technologies ) and it revolves around the features that could feature on the next Android OS. The mere fact is that this video was supposed to feature and release before Google released the 4.4 KitKat Edition and Craig Tuttle had no other option than to name it the Android 5.0 Concept. The video itself provides a lot of information about the design and features in detail so we have skipped the detail drill-down process of mentioning the features and entire concept.

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