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FlickShoot ( Soccer Football ) for Android

Flick Shoot ( Soccer Football ) for Android

Doing absolutely nothing irks me and I want to kill time. Here is one very interesting and addicting game for you all out there and guess what ” It is an Android app available for free with an app rating of 4.5 stars “.
FlickShoot ( Soccer Football ) for Android
FlickShoot ( Soccer Football ) for Android

Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) presents Android users the most entertaining soccer experience with impressive graphics and a realistic physics engine. It has 7 different game modes which spread along One Ball, Multi-player, Time Attack, Arcade, Tournament,  Goal Post, Targets. There is another feature that I have mentioned below which will only be available to Pro users.

Flick Shoot ( Soccer Football ) tested on : Samsung Galaxy S3

It is a very simple and exciting game. We here at AndroGuru have downloaded the game and consider it so addicting that no one actually wants to put their devices down. Unfortunately , we have to as we need to do what we are good at, that is getting the latest Android tech news across to our fans and followers spread across the globe. I would rate it as one of the best Time Killers on Android.
The Pro version of this game only adds in the extra “Wall kick” mode and removes in game advertisements which make the game even more interesting.

Playing football was never so fun and you will be amazed by how fun shooting free-kicks will be with Flick Shoot. To put it down in one sentence – Flick Shoot is Football at its finest!

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  1. an amazing game. Didnt noe android had such cool games. great review. keep it up! Please post games and apps like this one in the future.

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