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Jolla to launch by the end of 2013

Jolla Sailfish OS adds Android apps in a play for increased relevance

Jolla to launch by the end of 2013
Jolla to launch by the end of 2013

Jolla has a smartphone which is Linux based and is powered by the very known Sailfish OS which is an offshoot of the MeeGo operating system Nokia abandoned for Windows Phone earlier and the Sailfish OS is now capable of running Android apps on its smartphones. Jolla has thought and decided to offer Android compatibility since it debuted Sailfish in May 2013 the announcement that was made today is not a surprise for Android geeks and lovers. This is a second shout out as they are willing to start developing and manufacturing more handsets. If you would like us to send you a notification when this batch of Jolla smartphones release , then drop us a line below.

Jolla has smartly recognized that it would be a huge challenge to introduce yet another smartphone OS at a time when Android has a very good lead. Microsoft and BlackBerry have tried to unseat the two leading platforms but it has seen very little progress so far. We hope so that there is some change in the future.

Jolla has already managed to get Spotify, WeChat , Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger to work as per the announcement that is fetched from source. The Jolla smartphone’s performance and reliability is still in questions as no reports have been released even though Jolla has clained that Android apps are running perfectly and directly on the Sailfish OS.

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