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Today’s tech oriented people and non technical too are on the move very fast and at the same time possessing the most advanced technology in their hands today , it is possible to stay connected to all arenas in the world. For example , a man who daily reads the newspaper cannot go to sleep if he does not read it one night. That is the hunger for reading and knowledge people place in today’s booming and advancing world.

When it comes to Android , Android smartphone and tablet users , as well as developers are constantly on the move with their daily activities but now it is possible for them to keep themselves updated as we are , just by using an app called ” Android News ” developed and designed by Pinenuts Android Developers. This app is uploaded by the team on the Google Play Store and constantly gets updated with better UI and features. Speaking about recent , the app was just updated by the team on 1st September 2013 and they have added more features that we have listed below in detail.

Android News App Screen
Android News App Screen

Users who want to get fast, simple and immediate mobile news feeds from various Android TechBlogs can use Android News. Putting it in an appealing sense , if you want to stay up to date with what happens in the Android World like getting the newest games and apps, reviews and updates , latest stories and use as little time as possible then Android News is the app that you have to go for. There are various popular advertisements showing up on every screen of the app and there is no way to get rid of that.

Basically , Android News is a RSS Feed Reader but unlike other news reader apps it will bring you directly to the news without wasting any time messing around with the user interface or news loading and even display the concerned website for a better view in seconds. The User Interface is simple and immediate and its focus is on the news.

Android News has a default system of  showing users the content of these public rss feeds such as Phandroid , Android Central , Android Police , Android Authority , Android And Me , Androinica , AndroidSpin , TalkAndroid and many other popular Android tech-blogs worldwide. We have reviewed the app and found that it proves very useful to many and it has no flaws as such to pen down. It is available on the Google Play Store for free and has an app rating of 4.5 stars.

Notable Features:
  • Very fast and lightweight Newsreader app
  • User Interface is immediate
  • Simple to use
  • Selective websites can be set for feed and order can be set internally
  • Optimized for low bandwidth usage
  • High download speed
  • Share the news with friends on social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp , Twitter or even share an update via Email.

Download : Android News for Android

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