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World Newspapers for Android

World Newspapers

Readers are increasing everyday and so as the media around the globe. In the US , Wall Street Journal is the most read daily and other countries have their own respective designated papers. When the ball rolls into India , they have the well-known Times of India which features news globally as well as at national and inter-state levels. With all this information spreading and happening around the globe , are you able to get hold of all the news all in one place or refer online to various portals ?

Android users are in for an awesome treat when it comes to accessibility and apps. There is an informative app called “World Newspapers”  that steams most of the newspapers circulated worldwide as long as they have a synced online website. Speaking in the position and rank way , this app is rated as the No.1 Android app for News and currently rated with 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store. All Android users using devices that are 2.0 and above can download this app and start reading all the news all in one place and so much so , on the move. There is no change for the app except that it requires a fast and good data connection.

World Newspapers for Android
World Newspapers for Android
Some top features :
  • 105 countries and 6000 paper links. ( Even More )
  • Personalised Settings
  • Read It Later Integration
  • Bookmarks
  • Video News
  • Search for Newspapers
  • Translate webpages
  • Browse by country and categories
  • RSS Reader with smart search & Offline reading
  • Customization of Favorites
  • Share
  • History
  • Download webpages for viewing Offline
  • Submit a Newspaper
  • View non-mobile sites ( New Added Feature )

Download : World Newspapers for Android

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