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Did you know that Google has all your Wi-Fi passwords ?

Security is so important these days and there are millions of firms worldwide who value users information as very important and do not share t with any other firm or entity. Android users worldwide are glued on to so many apps and so much networking at their workplaces as well as their homes. Some days ago there was a NSA report online which we duly covered.

Google has all your Wi-Fi passwords ?
Google has all your Wi-Fi passwords ?

Computerworld’s Michael Horowitz shared some useful and valuable information that we can make Android users ponder upon and know today.

Basically , if an Android device ( be it a smartphone or even a tablet ) has ever logged on to a any Wi-Fi network then Google knows the Wi-Fi password as it gets stored in their database. Taking into consideration all the Android devices , it is likely that Google can access almost all Wi-Fi passwords across the globe.

All this is possible because of a feature that lets you back up and save your data to Google’s servers in the Android operating system. This backup procedure includes Android users phone book and calendar but it also snags your Wi-Fi passwords in the process and makes it visible to the concerned Google section. This feature is not created with a bad intention and it is just that if you lose your Android device and need to restore and access your data  , it is all backed up to Google.

If the privacy additions of this outweigh the convenience, users have the ability by which they can opt out by un-checking the appropriate box in your settings which are as follows :

  1. If you are using an Android 2.3.4, go to Settings, then Privacy. On an HTC device, the option that gives Google your Wi-Fi password is “Back up my settings”. On a Samsung device, the option is called “Back up my data”. The only description is “Back up current settings and application data”. No mention is made of Wi-Fi passwords.
  2. If you are using an Android 4.2, go to Settings, then “Backup and reset”. The option is called “Back up my data”. The description says “Back up application data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers”.

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