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Intel Bay Trail Chip

Intel launches Z3000 Atom for Android tablets

There were multiple rumors about Intel designing a chip that will power their new tablets at a higher speed. Yesterday , it was known that Intel is going to design a chip that will price the new tablets at $100 only and Intel disclosed a lineup of re-designed and re-developed Atom chips yesterday itself which will target only Windows 8.1 and Android tablets. The Z3000 series is based on a redesigned Atom processor that promises better performance that powered Windows 7 Netbooks of the past and much better than those pokey chips used earlier.

Intel Bay Trail Chip
Intel Bay Trail Chip

Basically , performance is boosted by employing so-called “out-of-order execution,” which is similar to what the company uses in its higher-performance mainstream laptop processors of today. The Next Generation Chip packs improved graphics silicon which is the same “HD” technology used in Intel’s laptop-class Ivy Bridge processors as per Chris Walker.

There are few more chips developed and designed by Intel that are awaited in the lineup and their specifications and features will be thrown light upon later today.

Via : Microsoft News || Source : CNet

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