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Google Glass gets connected to 200+ services

Earlier , there was a lot of news about the Google Glass Teardown and even Google Glass is played with by Taronga Zoo Google Glass. Sort of summing it up , the Glass is awesome and neat at the same time , but the hard-fact is that it has one drawback that it is currently short on third-party apps because Google has not opened up the Glassware app ecosystem yet so beta testers and other individuals users are held up. In the meantime , Zapier also well known as the data sync service has added support for the Google Glass that connects it to over 200 online services and the number is increasing as you read.

Google Glass Integration via Zapier
Google Glass Integration via Zapier

Technically , Zapier is based all around triggers and actions. For example , each “Zap” is used to make two services interact so every time ” 1 ”  happens on service A,  Zapier will execute the action ” 2 ” on service B. Below is a demo video provided which shows a method for uploading the Glass images directly to Dropbox. The best part is that Zapier ties in with very popular services on the web like Twitter, Gmail and Evernote.

Here’s how you begin :
  1. Create an account on Zapier .
  2. Create a new Zap.
  3. Choose Google Glass as your action/trigger.
  4. Done !

Please feel free to share your comments below and let us know how your experience is with the same.

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