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Shazam for Android

Shazam upgraded to 4.0

Shazam for Android
Shazam for Android

Have you ever been in a situation where you liked a song playing on the radio, television or maybe say in a restaurant and you decide that you’ll download or buy that song but you realize that you don’t know the name or any information about it as per source. Shazam is the app for all these needs. You can instantly match , explore , buy , watch videos and share media.

Once you’re tap the screen / Shazamed something you can :

  • Know all the information about that media
  • Buy tracks on Amazon
  • Use LyricPlay for lyrics
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Get to know the artist’s bio and discography

Shazam Entertainment LTD have released it’s latest version that’s 4.0 which has got a lot better. The song recognition has been a lot faster. It’s got a completely new user interface with large screen optimization for tablets which helps to get any song information quickly including the lyrics and quick buying option from Amazon.

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