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BBM for Android

BBM for Android landing page surfaced online

In the past , we have got a few hints that the launch of BlackBerry Messenger for Android is approaching , but just in case you needed one more,  the BBM landing page has gone live as per trusted source.

A glimpse of the Landing Page
Coming Soon – BBM for Android

So, do you think you guys will have a hard time convincing your buddies with Android devices to start using BBM?
Will it be so easy switching over once again if you were once a BBM user and had switched to Android for good ?
Leaving the Android device would be a better option ?

Regarding the landing page that surfaced online , we can only presume that it looks like the page was posted by accident and has been unpublished but a screencap is provided by a source. It is said that the BBM for Android app will release at the end of September 2013.

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