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HTC One Android 4.3 available as a ROM

Image Source : HTCSource
Image Source : HTCSource

There is something big planned if you are an HTC One user as the Android 4.3 update for your device should be ready to hit devices sometime before the end of September 2013 . There is no confirmation on this but presumably if HTC seems to keep up their word , it will happen. Since all this is planned and no leaks found would not be possible so hence here is what is leaked. The leaked Android 4.3 firmware belongs to the international HTC One and is leaked by MaximusHD ROM Developer LlabTooFeR. It displays a firmware version 3.09.401.1 but is not a great  improvement compared to the current version, but developers will experience a cool User Interface of the Android 4.3 OS.

When it comes to camera , it is now improved with highlight reel features and better music syncing. Users and developers can avail all the features new in Android 4.3 which includes always-on Wi-Fi location scanning and OpenGL support. Animation and sounds have been added to the Task Manager and has a different look all together. LlabTooFeR states that the firmware will be released tomorrow i.e the 28th of August 2013 10 AM GMT so here is a call out to all developers and amateurs Android users and fans to get upgraded now if you own the HTC One.

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